You are at the beach yes, of course you are so fed up with swimming as it’s the first thing you have been doing since you set foot on the beach right, you want something more challenging now, if not the case you want to take part in a fun activity with your kids, you can decide to play beach games, what a better way to spend   family time. There are several games your kids can play on the beach; the important thing is that they are having fun. The game you choose for your kids should be able to keep them busy and moving while at the same creating a fun experience for them. For a beach game to be able to meet these requirements it should also be easily adaptable to the kids and it should as well open up your child’s imagination.

These are some of the most ideal beach games for your kids;

Beach Touch Football

This game is quite easy to setup. You can use the towels as goal markers and then mark off a 30 yard field on the sand. Once you have divided yourselves into teams then you can play ball. Not only is the game fun, but it is also good exercise.

Beach volleyball

You don’t have to have a complete volley ball set to enjoy this game on the beach. The coolers or chairs can serve as the net. Then you can substitute a volley ball with a beach ball while enjoying the game with your kids.

Disk games

Disk games usually provide good exercise, they will definitely keep your kids moving and are quite easy to adapt to. You can play Frisbee golf with the kids.

A scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are quite easy to play; simply create boundaries around the search area and hide things as well as you can. Once you are done ,create a list of items to be found .You can decide to give out a list of clues however, do not hide the items too well since you might end up making the entire experience boring.


This depends on how large the group at the beach is you can however let other families into the game it will only make it more exciting. To play the game you will only need a strong long rope. Once you have divided the kids into two groups of equal strength; mark a line between them and you are good to go.

There are several other beach games you can play with your kids like bury dad in the sand, sand castle competition and beach survivor among others.

Most of the games don’t need a lot of dedicated equipment; as long as you have an active imagination and creativity you will be good to go.



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