Florida: The perfect summer holiday destination for adults too!

While the snow threatens to come down on us all for what seems like the fifteenth time this year, keep those freezing feelings of wintery despair at bay by planning the best summer holiday of your life. It’s never too soon to dream of sunshine!

Wetlands, Florida
Wetlands, Florida

One destination that gets overlooked by adults time and time again is Florida. Sure, it’s the kids’ holiday capital of the world, thanks to some of the largest and most well-attended theme parks in the known universe, but there is so much to offer in this amazing American State. It’s important to book your tickets early to avoid disappointment as this is such a popular resort and booking early will mean you guarantee the best spot at all the hotels. Online ticket sellers are a great resource for finding all about Florida’s unique attractions. Check out FloridaTix for your attraction needs, not only can you look up reviews for different theme parks, but you can find deals for tickets as well!

If you want to get your hands on a Universal Studios ticket there are plenty of inclusive holiday options that will get you right to the front of the action. Those of you who are already convinced can book your Universal Studios ticket here. If you’re a thrill-seeker looking for a fun-packed holiday, it’s no secret that Orlando, Florida is the destination for you.

Holiday’s to Florida have become more fashionable over the past decade with the younger set, with many turning to these sunnier climates for party holidays rather than the usual Balearic break. For a sizzling hot holiday with a difference, there’s nowhere like Miami, with its winning combination of sunshine, blisteringly cool nightclubs and beautiful people.

For travellers who prefer something a bit more adventurous, the wetlands in South Florida offer the perfect getaway. With some of the world’s most stunning landscapes and unique wildlife, whether you’re planning a couples escape somewhere completely outside of the norm or you want a brilliant family break crammed with interesting activities and exciting days out, you couldn’t ask for more.

Something else that Florida has that nowhere else can boast about is the Kennedy Space Centre, NASA’s base and the number one visitor attraction for science-savvy travellers. Based in Orlando, the Kennedy Space Centre is the only place in the world where you can tour launch sites, meet astronauts and train in space travel simulators.

If you’re travelling to Florida you’ll need to visit Walt Disney World. It’s only right. Universal Studios is also a safe bet for those who like their rides thrilling and their films on a huge scale. You can’t pretend that you’ve never wanted to go to SeaWorld either. You can get up close and personal with Orcas, dolphins and seals and watch them perform breathtaking stunts; SeaWorld is a worldwide name for a reason – the shows they put on there are fabulous and the animals are treated with care and respect.

A Florida break is the perfect way to recharge your batteries, but then again, it’s also the perfect place to try out something new and get excited about holidays again. Don’t just sit by a pool this year – get out to the sunshine state and find out why Floridians are always smiling!