Family Holiday Activities You Won’t Have Thought Of

Getting some time off work and jetting off on holiday is about two things: relaxation and spending some quality time with the family. While you might not want to spend every waking hour taking part in an activity, doing so every now and then will provide a great opportunity to spend time together as a family.

family tennis

Here, we take a look at several family holiday activities that may not have occurred to you in the past.



When we think about sports on holiday, we’ll usually think of water sports or skiing first. If you’re looking to spend time with loved ones rather than simply letting off some steam, there are few better things to do than play team sports.

Consider taking some tennis rackets with you and checking out the local tennis courts. A game of doubles isn’t too demanding but can be a great way to get out in the sun and have fun with all of the family.



Sometimes on holiday, we’re thinking so carefully about how best to spend our time, we forget about the simplest of things. Taking a walk with your family isn’t only a great chance to chat but is a great way to get to grips with the area you’re staying in.

In Puna Canta, there are some beautiful gardens, which are perfect for taking a casual walk through, and that’s before you’ve even considered the lengthy and idyllic beach. Be sure to take a camera with you to capture some shots of the family amongst the breathtaking Caribbean scenery.


Spa treatment

Spa treatments are something we usually only consider having when we’re alone. However, this can be a wonderful way to relax as a group. If you can convince the kids to sit still for long enough, then a massage, some skin treatment and a gentle swim can be a fantastic way to create a laid-back atmosphere.



Most of the world’s destinations boast some interesting local music. What better way to immerse yourself in the local culture than learning about this music as a family and trying your hand at it at the same time? Speak to the staff at your accommodation about the possibility of getting involved in some local music. Wherever you are in the world, you can be sure it will be a lot of fun.