Essential Tips For Packing With the Family

It’s happened to everyone. You arrive at your destination only to open your bag and have that “Doh” moment. You’ve forgotten that dress you love, or that toothbrush you so desperately need to stop your mouth feeling like a day old sock.

The arrival of children only makes these problems worse. At a very young age they decide they are grown up enough to pack their own bags, but not it seems to remember everything you wanted them to pack. It doesn’t need to be like this however. Here are the essential tips you need that will make packing with your family a breeze.

Pack with the Children

If you let your child pack for you it would be a disaster. You’d end up with a bag full of mismatched clothing. You can guarantee things would also be missing. It’s the same for them. Through no fault of your own you might overlook their favorite toy of the moment, or pack the clothes they hate to wear. Let them pack by themselves, but don’t forget to double check what they’ve packed. You should look at his as a good opportunity for your children to become independent, but also for you to get a better understanding.

Pack for the Place

This is just as important for you as it is for your children. Packing for the climate does not just mean choosing the right clothing, but also what accessories you will need. If you’re going to a cold country make sure to bring lip balm, if you’re going to a hot country bring the appropriate sunscreen.

Pack for the Ailment

These items are the easiest to forget and the most vital when needed. If you’re child suffers from Athlete’s Foot bring some anti-bacterial powder, if they suffer from allergies bring anti-histamines. It can be terribly difficult, if not temporarily impossible to find some of these things when you’re abroad. It’s far more likely they’ll need these things than a first aid kit (but bring one along just to be safe).


Pack Warm

As soon as you step on the plane you’ll remember how much you want a nice warm jumper. Every member of your family should have something for such a case. Seriously, there are few things worse than being cold in a hot country.

Pack for your Whole Holiday

Over packing for a holiday is an easy mistake to make, so try and pack light. Remember that you’ll want space in your bag for all those things you’re going to buy when you’re away.  I normally find that the most I need is five days of clothing for any length of trip. This doesn’t mean packing five pairs of trousers, but rather three pairs with five different t-shirts.