Living in a hostel might mean that you either tolerate the food provided, street food etc which might not be to your liking, to avoid this you might need to start preparing your own meals. You might have opted for a hostel in the first place because the thought of sprucing up a meal gives you the chills, what most backpackers don’t know is that it is possible to cook a simple yet delicious meal with few ingredients. Check out these few meals that you can quickly make while on the go:

Spaghetti Bolognese

You will absolutely love this meal which is not only quick and cheap but can be refrigerated and eaten the following day as lunch. In a hostel kitchen, you have the option of making the sauce yourself or getting it from the stores. Prices of spaghetti may vary depending on the country that you are in but in most places, it is cheap. It will not go bad and can be used several times before a pack runs out.


Steel cut oats

Though it is considered a breakfast food, it will make for a great snack any time of the day. They cost slightly higher than instant rolled oats but you will not be comprised on the amount of nutrients in them. Making them is easy and it actually does not require cooking. Just soak them overnight and in the morning throw in a few fruits or/and yoghurt and you are good to go.

Noodles-healthy version

Most hostel travelers have survived on noodles at one point or another. It is a favorite because it is yummy, cheap and very easy to make. It is however considered an unhealthy meal. Turning it into a healthy meal can be achieved by adding vegetables like beans peppers and carrots into it. Vinegar and soy sauce will also make it yummier. You can also add a scrambled egg to get that balanced diet. A dash of fresh ginger will give this meal a much needed sizzle.

One pot meals

This is a wonderful option that allows you to cook all your favorite meals and add your favorite spices in one pot. Just be sure not to overdo it lest you turn out with something not fit for human consumption. A simple formula is to ensure that you have something from each category. For instance chicken or meat for the protein, pasta ,rice or potatoes for the starch and as many vegetables as you like Cook the food that take longer to cook first then add the rest and a kittle seasoning and voila.

You can make vegetable salad by chopping a few broccoli, lettuces, tomatoes etc and add mayonnaise and  you are good to go furthermore all the above foods can be eaten with the vegetable salad.


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