Cheap Holidays, We All Love Them!

Everyone loves booking cheap holidays, there is something that just feels so good about finding th hotel you want, the flights you want, in the country you want that makes you feel good inside! I am always looking for great deals, cheap flights and any promotions that may be on. I just booked a flight from Bangkok to Yangon for under forty british pounds, and that was a return! I didn’t mind giving the company my money because it almost felt that I was getting the flight for free, it is an international flight after all!

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Now is the best time for you to book your holiday, in the first three months of each new year the travel companies will always be offering some amazing deals to entice us to book. The reason for this is because christmas has been and gone, so people tend to go into ‘saving’ mode to try and get their bank balance in to a healthy condition after overspending during christmas.

I am here to tell you that you should book now and worry about building the bank balance up later, you will save so much money in the long run. With Europe on our doorstep we have no excuse not be jetting off on a more regular basis. With in just a short two hour flight you will sandy beaches, delicious food and beautiful blue waters. So basically if you booked a flight today you could be lounging on the beach tomorrow, the hustle, bustle and stress of everyday life in the concrete jungle will be forgotten instantly!

Remember some very useful tips when you are trying to reduce the cost of your holiday:

– Be flexible with your dates. Some times and dates are cheaper to travel than others, if you are lucky enough not to have any fixed dates then you will be able to look at which times and dates suit your budget. Changing your date by a day later could end up saving you a few hundred pounds!

– Check to see if their is a better price if you fly from another airport. The airport you fly from can impact hugely on the price, don’t have you heart set on the closest to you because you may save a small fortune by travelling a few hours down the road.

– Do not always be rigid with the type of accommodation you need. Everyone likes a great hotel, but I prefer to have more money to spend on sites and food!