Traditionally, hostels are mainly known to be the main abode for young travelers and students who want to have a holiday that is cost friendly. This aspect has since changed, just because you are out on holiday with your family does not mean that you cannot save money. Hostelling is for everyone and there are even hostels dedicated to housing families.

Contrary to what many believe, hostelling is an economical temporary housing option for both families and adults. The overall décor and quality of hostels has greatly improved to accommodate a larger variety of travelers. Nowadays, hostels have a unique and trendy décor after undergoing radical transformations and are now able to accommodate older travelers and families.

Some of the new changes to hostels

Traditionally, guests would be required to do chores in the hostels and there were curfews set for them. Nowadays, a hostel operates in the same manner as a hotel in that, the guests can book their rooms in advance before their arrival. There are some hostels that even offer pre booked activities, tours and rail activities.

Selecting the right hostel for your family

Not all hostels are the same, despite the fact that hostels have changed; it is up to you to find a hostel that suits all of your needs and this includes the safety of your children. There are a lot of things to look out for when choosing a hostel. A hostel that is suitable for both adults and kids should be:

(a)Family friendly with a very minimal age requirement.

(b)Able to provide minimal comfort or have premium beds and rooms.

(c)Able to offer private rooms.

There are some hostels that require guests to share bathrooms so you should figure out what you are comfortable with before booking a hostel. As mentioned above, there are several hostels dedicated to offering accommodation to families that are on a budget.

So if you are still wondering whether Hostels are safe for your kids then the answer is yes. Provided you take the time to find a hostel that will meet all the needs of your family then you will be good to go.

An issue that parents worry about is the safety and security of their children; family hostels are completely safe for your children so once more, it all comes down to which hostel you choose to book in advance.





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