Book a weekend away to Spain

Spain has to one of the best places of go for weekend break. It is only a short flight away from the UK which means you can be sitting on the beach or exploring a vibrant city in no time at all! This mesmerising country has everything that you need to have a great weekend away; great weather, great food and great people. With the weather being so miserable back in the UK I don’t think there has been a better time to get away, couple that with the fact that there are so many fantastic travel deals on offer there really is no excuse why we all shouldn’t be taking advantage of a weekend in Spain.

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So whether you want to lounge on the beach or soak up the culture in Barcelona or Madrid I think it’s time you got online and booked that weekend away, give yourself something to look forward to. A weekend break works wonders, it instantly gives us joy when we book it and brings us back home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

To make sure that you have the perfect break make sure that you follow these essential tips, I promise that they will help your weekend away go very smoothly. If you have your own tips then share them with all of us, it’s simple to do because you just need to write them in the comment section under this article.

Book Early

Anyone that has booked a holiday knows that the best offers are always there if you book in advance, companies will often offer between 10%-30% if you book their early booker offer. You will find great deals with both airlines and hotels if you book at least 10 weeks prior to your departure. If you want to take away all the stress and book through an agent then you will also be rewarded for booking early. Last minute bookings are also good, but you will really have to hunt for the best deals.

Drive to the airport

If you look at the price of flights from different airports you will see that there are better offers if you are flexible with your departure airport. I know that I am more than happy to drive a couple of hours and park my car at the airport if I will save a few hundred pounds, who isn’t? The last time I did this was at gatwick airport, Gatwick parking is the best I have found at any airport because it is so simple and convenient.


You do not need to worry too much about travelling with wads of cash in your wallet because there are ATMs everywhere in Spain. What I would recommend is finding a bank that doesn’t charge you astronomical fees for withdrawing your money overseas, there are great banks out there that don’t even charge you a penny for withdrawals. If you travel a lot then find one of these companies!

Have a great weekend away in Spain, book it as soon as possible! I promise that after you see how easy it all is you will be going back for some more in no time at all.