Boating breaks for beginners

Whether you choose to build your own coracle in Shropshire or sail down the Nile on a Felucca, boating can be a fun way to spend your holidays. If being on, rather than in the water attracts you, then there are many different experiences in a host of countries to enjoy. Make your choice and head on over and experience cheap holidays with a difference!

felucca on the nile

Felucca on the Nile

Feluccas are the traditional sailing craft of Egypt. Often included in holiday tours, enjoying a trip up the Nile on one of these boats is especially enjoyable to swoon over the beauty of the setting sun. Or stay on one for a whole week and journey along one of the world’s great rivers.


Mediterranean fun

Stay on a Turkish Gulet and cruise the Mediterranean enjoying the sun, snorkelling, water skiing and fishing. You will also get to eat some delicious Turkish food, and the best bit, it’s all prepared for you. Usually you get to stay on a Gulet for a week or so and it’s a great experience.


Kayaking in the Florida sun

Head to Fort Lauderdale, Cape Coral or Florida Keys for boating action in Florida. As Fort Lauderdale is also known as the Venice of North America, you can imagine there is lots of water to enjoy, namely the Intra-Coastal waterway. Hire a kayak here or just take a water taxi to explore. Cape Coral and Florida Keys are also known for their wonderful waters and are great places to charter the craft of your choice. In the Keys there are some locations that are easier to access from the warm blue seas; a glass bottomed boat tour also allows you to see what’s happening below the water without even getting a toe wet.


Take a houseboat in Portugal

Mobile houseboats on Lake Alqueva in the Alentejo area in Southern Portugal are great for family holidays. The lake is huge and peaceful; houseboats sleep 2 – 12 people and are perfect for a family break. Boats can carry kayaks for simpler boating as you go.


Hop on a houseboat in Kerala…

… to explore the back waters in Southern India in a leisurely way. Visit a bird sanctuary and enjoy the delights of some traditional Keralan food – sambar, dosa, dhal and curries – whilst on board.


See Amsterdam from the canals

As Amsterdam is located on a network of canals, what better way to see the sights? There is a constant flow of cruises taking visitors up and down the waterways, but 2013 should be extra special as Amsterdam celebrates 400 years of canals.


Whether you want to be in charge or be a passenger, there are a variety of boats up for the job in many exciting locations around the world.





Felucca at sunset –