Travelling alone or in a group of adults is very different from travelling with kids. Most people want to see the world and experience what it has to offer but the idea of their kids in tow discourages many parents. However, that should not be a problem anymore. The best Tour companies have today specialized in travelling packages that include kids too. So, the idea of stranded and clueless parents or guardians at the airports with exhausted kids in tow is now a thing of the past.


The company offers exciting vacations all over the world. These destinations includeAlaska,Mexico,Peru,Tanzania,Thailand,Egypt,Morocco,Ecuador,China,belize,Panama,Galapagos island, Costa Rica among others. Families seeking tour services form the Thompson Family Adventure are allowed to design their own family vacation. Because of their expertise and renowned excellence, the company  was recently named the number one family adventure tour company by the National Geographic Adventure Magazine .Apart from travel itineraries, Thompson Family Adventure usually engage the visiting children and the local kids through pen pal communications as well as age group travels. Family trips include 3 or 4 families of eight or more each with a highly knowledgeable and experienced mentor .Children of all ages can then enjoy discovering destinations across the world through guided fun exciting activities.


This particular tours and travel company is quite unique. Run by two brothers, they offer custom designed family trips to countries they themselves have toured with their families before. They currently offer trips to :Southern Africa,Israel,turkey,Cambodia,Iceland,india,Portugal,Bulgaria,India,Colombia and Vietnam. The two brothers together with their children have travelled for seventeen years to six continents and are known for using their passion and experiences to create the perfect family adventure. For you to book a trip with the Quivertree Family Expeditions you are required to fill in a questionnaire about your demographics, family wishes as well as interests so that you family and the company can be able to organize a trip that you will all enjoy best.


Travel + Leisure Magazine named Classic Journeys the world’s best tour operator. They offer family friendly tours custom designed to fully satisfy their clients’ curiosities and offer adrenaline rush expeditions for all generations. Each group is accompanied by multiple tour guides and a package includes high-class, family friendly accommodations. Classic Journeys offers enjoyable family activities as well as kids only chaperoned expeditions that are a balance of cultural immersion and physical   activities. The travel destinations include Tuscany, Canadian Rockies, Zion, Grand Canyon, Costa Rica, Ireland and family only private journeys.