Best Restaurants in Singapore and Movie Tickets Online at Discounted Rates

Singapore has more to recommend it than being the cleanest, crime-free island nation in the world. It has some of the best shopping in Asia, if not the world. It has some of the best recreational activities for tourists that even benefits locals. It has some of the best movie theatres. It has the collection of finest cuisines from around the world. In a way there is an abundance or an overabundance of all these good things, making it difficult for a tourist to take in the most in the least cost and in the shortest time; a virtually impossible task given the huge choices in Singapore.


Fish Head Curry, Singapore

Just take dining, for example. There are hundreds of restaurants, large and small, dotted all over the island nation. The best restaurants in Singapore offer a glorious gastronomic experience, giving visitors a choice of cuisines from all over the world. While street food may be cheap, filling and multifarious, if you really want a nice décor to go along with exquisite food, it is best to head for restaurants. Look for some of the popular top rated best restaurants in Singapore. The restaurants can be classified according to specialty such as best beef burger restaurants, best ayam buah keluak restaurants in Singapore, best teppanyaki restaurants, best paella offerings, best vietnamese, best korean, best chinese, best Indian and so on. What works for you is what is best for you.


Given the high prices, it may be rather difficult to swallow the food at these “best” places, especially if you are in company and the final bill will be for a mammoth amount. Given the popularity of discount coupons and “deals fo the day” it is best to look for such offers and enjoy fine cuisine at greatly reduced prices. These deals and discount coupons are all the rage in Singapore and why not. For $ 30 you can have your fill of Kurobuta Pork at Shabu No Koya, where the actual price is $ 54. head for the Element Restaurant and gorge yourself on an international dinner buffet for a satisfying price of only $ 39. The Meltin Pot Café at the Holiday Inn lets you have your pick from an international buffet spread for only $ 26. The Atlantic Mix Grill in Suntec City Mall lets you have your choice from Western Food and Beverages for only $ 20. Given the intense competition, customers benefit from discounts of as much as 70%.


A movie following a fine dinner is a satisfying way to end the day. There are cineplexes run by the biggest groups such as the Golden Village, Eng Wah, Filmgarde and the Shaw Group. Each group has its multiplexes located across Singapore and if you think it is an easy thing to walk across from one to the other to find out the movie you would like to see, it is easier said than done. Easier done is to visit the online websites of these groups, view current movies running in their theares and book movie tickets online. Then all you have to do is go to the specific theatre straight after your satisfying dinner at one of Singapore’s finest restaurants.


Just be sure to register at an online discount voucher website, buy coupons and redeem them at restaurants and theatres.