Barging Holidays

For hundreds of years canals were the lifeblood of Europe, hauling heavy goods across the continent. The canals are now all but empty, which makes them perfect for a tranquil holiday. So if life in the fast lane is not for you then sit back, relax and take one of the slowest forms of travel in the world.

Chugging along through the rural countryside or passing through small cities in a barge is a great way to see Europe. Take long walks along the canal path, visit small rustic hamlets and beautiful villages. Moreover you can be assured that the scenery will never be the same two days in a row.

If you think you are too tall for a barge, or that the furnishing will not be up to standard then rest easy. Most modern barges are tastefully decorated and have the feel of a nice house rather than the garden shed and can hold anywhere up to fifty plus people.

For some real luxury is is also possible to book a fully catered barge holidays. You’ll normally get a chef who will freshly prepare the food in the on board kitchen and a knowledgable captain who will guide the boat and will be able to tell you about the interesting things to see and do as you travel.