Azamara Cruises

Finding the right cruise line for your holiday can be difficult.  All of the big names seem to offer all of the same options and for around the same prices.  If you’re looking for something a bit different, then it’s definitely worth checking out what Azamara cruises have to offer you.

Azamara specialises in what they like to call “Destination Immersion”.  They define this as meaning that they offer longer stays in locations, and more overnight and night touring options when in any given port of call.  They spend more time at any given city than other cruise lines, allowing for the travelers to fully immerse themselves in that area’s local culture rather than quickly zip through it in the 5 to 10 hours that most cruise lines allow for.  Travelers can actually enjoy the live music in Amsterdam, the cuisine in Odessa, the unique beauty of the Amazon and the nightlife of Rio de Janeiro

But that isn’t the only reason why Azamara is becoming an increasingly popular cruise line for travelers.  Amazara Cruises are also ideal for those who:


Crave Luxury on A Budget

Unlike a lot of the other cruise lines which will charge a bundle for a cruise, Amazara has some of the most competitive and affordable packages available, taking travelers to exactly where they want to go and for a price that they can afford. With a wide choice of destinations, durations, and accommodations when aboard the ship, travelers can really tailor their cruise to meet their budget while also meeting their wants and expectations from the trip.


Want To Keep It Casual

You’ll have a hard time trying to find a traveler who’s still keen on carefully packing a jacket or a nice dress to have that one “fancy” dining night aboard their 7 night cruise.  Most travelers on cruise lines these days want to keep up the casual and relaxed atmosphere of the day well into the night and aren’t exactly thrilled by the idea of dressing up for a formal 5 course meal in the dining room.  Though you will still be treated to a fantastic meal in the main dining room aboard the Amazara cruise ships, you’ll be treated to a more leisurely and relaxed atmosphere with open seating and casual attire.  No more assigned tables, and no more assigned waiters.  You get to eat when you want, wearing what you want, and with who you want, every night of you trip.


Care to Take In the Cruise Experience

If you’re sick of flying, sick of driving, and have exhausted your Eurail pass, then you’ll definitely appreciate all that a cruise has to offer.  Cruising is becoming a very popular way for travelers to move from one key destination to another.  You get to see more and take in more of the culture for a fraction of what it would cost you if you were to fly, drive or take the train and pay for a room in a hotel.  You get the culture while enjoying the luxury that the Amazara cruise ships have to offer. You can order with Azamara cruises directly, or book through specialist cruise holiday travel agents Cruise Kings, on their Azamara crusies page.

I hope, wherever you go, whatever you do, that this article has opened up your eyes to a different type of cruise that might be right for you.