An Indian Gem

Picture the scene if you will – bright sunshine, white sand, blue sea, swaying palms and relaxation with a capital R.

Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

Well such a place does exist, and shock horror, there are even some fantastic packages to be had too!

Goa is one of those paradise, idyllic places that I dream about whilst staring out of the window at a non-starter British summer. Luckily, with cheap deals and ways to make holidays even less expensive, this is somewhere that has become much more accessible over recent years.


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Manchester Airport parking is a service I’ve used in the past and would recommend, and I certainly started my holiday more chilled out than I would have done stressing about my taxi. You’ll find many other travelers stay in ahotel at Manchester airport before they fly, just read the reviews and see for yourself. It’s a no brainer really.

So, let’s talk about Goa.

If lying on a paradise beach and chilling out is your intention, then I’d say Goa is for you. This isn’t a destination that’s full of activities like a holiday to Spain or Greece would be, this is more about closing your eyes and recharging your batteries. Of course, doing all this recharging on a stunning beach doesn’t hurt at all, and there are many of them to choose from.

The main resorts offer reliable transport links, so I’d definitely recommend getting out and exploring a little more, as the nature sights in the area are stunning, with beautiful wildlife too. Calangute and Colva are just two of the main tourist resorts in Goa, and it’s in such resorts you’ll find the best facilities on the beach, with water-sports and cafes to make your day chilling out even more laid-back.

Shopping is one of my favourite activities, and you’ll find colourful markets to explore – a great opportunity to pick up some authentic souvenirs to take back home.

Night-life is chilled-out, in-keeping with the vibe in the resort, however you’ll find beach parties in some areas, which are certainly an experience. Indian food is of course famous the world over, so whilst you’re in this part of the world I’d certainly recommend you try some authentic cuisine. However, if you want more international menus, then the larger resorts will cater for you.

Kicking back and escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life is something we all need to do every now and again, and I’d suggest Goa as a great setting for relaxation. Find a value package deal, save money where possible and this idyllic holiday is within reach. Airport parking will take away even more stress, so you have less to worry about whilst you’re meditating, practising yoga or simply lying on the beach. If you are flying out of the North-West, I would recommend Bewley’s Hotel at Manchester Airport as something to certainly look at, however most major UK airports offer a wide range of hotel options nearby, so the choice is yours.

For winter or summer sun – why not go-a to Goa?!