A Romantic Weekend in Paris

Sometimes you just need a break away from the kids, and Belle Paris, a city that for centuries was considered the cultural heart of Europe could be just what you’re after. With 173 museums, beautiful parks and great food the city has a bit of everything for a romantic weekend.

One of the best things about Paris has to be the food and the shopping, for Parisians are well known for their style and taste. For a fine evening why not try out Le Saut Du Loup, famous for their extravagant cocktails. If you have a sweet tooth then Lasserre should not be missed either (a great indulgence if you fancy treating yourself).

Clothes lovers should definitely visit the Golden Triangle of Paris. Filled with exclusive designer boutiques and the top fashion names in Paris. With almost everything costing a minimum of a hundred euros this area is for the ultra rich and those with deep pockets. Still even if your bank balance doesn’t stretch that far, it’s nice to look and maybe even dream a little.

Of course no trip to Paris would be complete without a trip to the Eiffel Tower, once known as the tallest structure in the world. Even though buildings have grown significantly since 1889, it is still possible to get a great view from the top of the tower.