5 Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained on Long Trips

“Mooooom! Are we there yet? How much longer?”

(5 minutes elapse)

“Are we there yet? I’m boooored!”

If you’ve traveled with kids, this is undoubtedly a familiar mantra, one you’d be quite happy to eliminate from the journey. Luckily, kids can be easily entertained, and there are plenty of great ways (especially with technology these days!) to keep everyone entertained while you’re on your way to your destination.


Travel Goody Bag Stash travel-friendly toys in a tote-able bag to bring along on trips to keep the kids busy. If you stow away fun toys you find throughout the year and put them in the bag, it will already be packed when you need to go- and as a bonus, the items will always be new and interesting for the kids.


Stay Snacky Bring along small Zip-lock bags with cereal, pretzels and fruit to keep little mouths busy and hunger irritability at bay. If you’re on a car trip, you can refill water bottles on a pit stop and squirt in some flavored syrup (regular or sugar-free, depending on your preferences) for a sweet treat.

Audiobooks If you’ve got an mp3 player or two, you can download audiobooks to keep both you and the kids entertained on long trips- so it’s a win-win! Try Harry Potter or Charlotte’s Web for the kids, while for your own entertainment you can download anything from “The Four Hour Workweek” to “Doctor Who” audiobooks.


Movies Bring along an iPad or other tablet and you’re set to entertain the whole family with movies and TV shows. If you’re on a long-haul flight, the seats will most likely be equipped with TV screens, but the tablet is great if there are certain shows or movies you have that are guaranteed to entertain your kids.

Where Are We? This is a great game for a road trip, especially if you’ve got a GPS system set up in your car. Print out a map of your route for the kids to examine, and encourage them to mark off the cities you pass through and fill in the route with colored pencils or crayons.

The Quiet Game If all else fails to entertain the kids, you can always resort to the best game of all… there’s only one rule: whoever talks first is out, and nobody wants to be a loser now, do they!