5 things to love about Cornwall


Cornwall is considered by many to be the hidden gem of  England and this is for a lot of very good reasons. Read on to find out more about some great things you can do in Cornwall and some


It doesn’t matter if you are staying in a holiday park in Cornwall or you opt for more luxurious experience. Cornwall’s beaches are some of the best that England and are famous for their surf culture (yes, surfing is possible in England!). Beaches don’t always have to be about their surf culture though, and Cornwall provides some diverse and unique coastline. There are various fishing villages in the south, as well as stunning cliffs and never ending sand beaches on the north side

The food and drink

Cornish pasties are famous throughout England and the world, with the pasty becoming loved in countries like the United States and Australia. Cornish ale is another drawcard of Cornwall, it has a unique fruity and hoppy taste that is loved by many and is served cool or at room temperature and not usually ice cold. This is a great accompaniment to the famous Cornish pasty.

Aside from the food and drink usually reserved for the bar, there are a number of diverse restaurants across Cornwall that are sure to please anyone.

Eden Project

Did you know that Cornwall is actually home to the largest greenhouse in the world? The Eden Project is located close to the town of St Blazey and houses large ‘biomes’ that are large domes constructed out of hundreds of hexagonal and pentagonal shapes that are supported by a strong steel frame. Each biome has its own unique theme, such as the rainforest biome and the Mediterranean biome. These house a truly diverse array of plants and wildlife. If this isn’t your thing the Eden Project is also host to famous music artists as an event venue.

Lost Gardens of Heligan

The story of these gardens is unique in that the gardens were neglected at the outbreak of the First World War. However these gardens were rediscovered and later restored to their former glory, making them one of the most popular botanical gardens in the whole of the UK. The gardens themselves are an amazing with a huge variety of plant species and there are also a number of sculptures constructed from earth and plants, for example heads and bodies that are constructed from mosses and grasses and are half submerged into the ground.