5 Beautiful Ways to Spend a Family Summer


Scotland offers your family great outdoor activities from mountain biking, sea kayaking, fishing and walking across its beautifully diverse landscapes. The accommodation choices vary as well from majestic ancient castles, well converted barns, large group cottages and even farm houses.


Sample the Logie County house which is historic and surrounded by spacious grounds or opt for the Meikles Kenny Farm house which is located in the stunning Angus Glens and is ideal for walking, fishing and sightseeing family holidays. It is surrounded by beautiful lochs, bird reserves, rivers and delightful villages that remind you of the magnificent things in life.


Malaysia is a glorious destination with varied wildlife, beautiful coastlines and mountain ranges. On its dry land you can enjoy a variety of activities from watching turtles laying eggs on Turtle beach or head to the Bako National Park where you come face to face with mischievous monkeys, the children will be thrilled. The Batu Feringgi beach is ideal for families with its soft sands, swaying lush palm trees and is home to excellent resorts and fine restaurants. You can enjoy fun boat rides with your family as you explore this tropical paradise. It is an unturned gem stone awaiting discovery.


Cotswolds log cabins are perfect for a short break in the UK. They are not only cozy and highly modernized but are also varied from waterside to rural countryside cabins. It is a paradise of natural beauty with a stunning natural environment, quaint villages that represent quintessential ‘British taste’ and vibrant market towns.

The Water Park Hotel offers Finish Log cabins complete with Jacuzzis and fishermen’s cabins whose main theme is water and capturing the scenic beauty by encompassing glass in its contemporary designs. It is a serene place where the family can relax and enjoy fun activities.


Cyprus can be a great holiday option for families as it is charming and has something for everyone. If you are looking for traditional charm, laid back atmosphere and architectural heritage then the west coast is ideal for your family. The east coast on the other hand boasts of the finest safe beaches if you have young ones and the most enticing caves for you to explore. Accommodation in Cyprus is also varied from luxury hotels and villas to self catering rentals.


Nothing beats a family trip to the land of the Berbers because it has a little bit of everything for everyone; fantastic beaches, fascinating ancient cities, intriguing culture, golden sandy deserts and the all so glorious Atlas Mountains. You can enjoy the cool breeze of laid back Essaouira or visit the blue mountain town of Chefchauen, wander in the bustling Marrakech or head to the ancient ruins in the traditional city of Fez. Try sitting under a million stars as you camp in the desert with your family. Accommodation here is as varied as the landscapes but it is the traditional Riads that would carve a precious memory as you will be intimate with the Berber culture and delicious cuisines.