You have probably been dreaming of exotic countries that you would like to take your family for the next vacation however, the list can shorten as you freak out about each destination. The people seem to be very cold, the places to visit are unsafe or the entire country seems to be very crowded. Well, you should now be happy to know that a good time with the family does not have to be a day at the park or a visit to the local beach if you happen to live close to one. There are family-friendly countries out there that you and your family can totally lose yourselves in with no fear whatsoever of insecurities, weird culture or unfriendly people! Read up…

family vacation australia


Ranking 1st in the global peace index, New Zealand boasts of a rich culture, a beautiful country side and a magnificent coastline where the whole family can enjoy a holiday in total peace and serenity. The diversity of New Zealand’s geography, from deserts, lakes, mountains to its pristine beaches, forests and glaciers, all these offer fun and exciting exploration activities for the whole family, not to mention all the cheap hotels . Other adventure sports include bungee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving and winter sport activities. As for those who liked the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, you can always purchase the lord of the rings location guide book and find your way to your favorites backdrops.



One of the world’s safest countries, a family vacation here means enjoying what life is in beautiful serene surroundings. When in Switzerland, you and your family can tour the elegant cities, shop at the boutiques there and tour visit the museums, the Berner Alpen ,the Interlaken ,visit and swim in the crystal clear waters of the numerous lakes found in the country and ski the on the slopes of the breath taking Swiss Alps. All these will provide an unforgettable time for you and your family.



The country itself is a huge contrast from one region to the next. The whole family can trek the hot outback, ski down the powdery slopes of Mt Buffalo in Victoria then unwind on any of the many un spoilt, un crowded and utterly stunning white sandy beaches found in the country. Must see sights include the Sydney opera house, Uluru/Ayers rock, The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kangaroo Island, Castle Hill among others. Australia has so much more to offer aside from ones mentioned above; this includes the friendly nature of the people, perfect weather, interesting culture, wildlife and its safeness.


3 beautiful, safe and fun places for you and your family. It’s easier than ever to organise your trip these days, there are so many cheap deals online for example,  Easytobook have a great selection of family hotels available at the best rates guaranteed, you can research what to see and do with blogs, wikitravel, lonely planet. There’s nothing stopping you!

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